$175,000 Non-Pecuniary Assessment for Post Concussion Syndrome and Chronic Pain

Reasons for judgment were printed nowadays by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver written account, assessing damages for a “violent” collision leading to a permanent brain injury and chronic pain.
In today’s case (Sundin v. Turnbull) the litigator was rear-ended whereas riding his motorbike in 2012. The collision was severe with the motorbike being embedded within the Defendant’s truck as a results of the forces concerned.

The litigator suffered a head injury and post concussive symptoms lingered. The litigator developed chronic pain and also the prognosis for the conditions was poor with residual permanent incapacity. In assessing non-pecuniary damages at $175,000 Madam Justice Gerow provided the subsequent reasons:
[106] As explicit earlier, the accident involving adult male. Sundin and adult male. Turnbull was a violent one. Mr. Sundin’s motorbike was embedded into adult male. Turnbull’s motortruck and adult male. Sundin was thrown through the air landing on the pavement. instantly when the accident adult male. Sundin was dazed and ejection out teeth.
[107] in addition, there’s no issue relating to adult male. Sundin’s believ ability. I found that adult male. Sundin provided proof in an exceedingly clear-cut and reliable fashion. I settle for his symptoms as he represented them square measure real.
[108] there’s no doubt that adult male. Sundin’s life has modified deeply as a results of the accident. before the accident adult male. Sundin had a history of working at a high level in each his work and private life.
[109] As began earlier, all the specialists agree that adult male. Sundin suffered a MTBI, in addition as various soft tissue injuries and injury to his teeth within the accident. As Dr. Benavente, the defendant’s knowledgeable, acknowledged, Mr. Sundin continues to suffer from post-concussion syndrome as an immediate results of the pinnacle injury he sustained within the accident. Mr. Sundin’s in progress symptoms of chronic headaches, issues with concentration and memory, and mood issues square measure as a result of the post-concussion syndrome.
[110] in addition as his psychological feature issues, the knowledgeable and lay proof establishes that as a results of the accident, Mr. Sundin suffers from chronic pain in his neck, shoulders and back, issues along with his teeth and jaw, and a few in progress pain in his hips and knees. The proof is that it’s unlikely adult male. Sundin can recover to his pre-accident condition, mentally or physically. Mr. Sundin has a tough time acceptive that he cannot perform physically or mentally as he did before the accident, Associate in Nursingd as a result has developed an adjustment disorder. the continued symptoms adult male. Sundin is full of as a results of the accident impact each side of his life.
[111] As noted in Stapley, the assessment of non-pecuniary damages depends on the actual circumstances of the litigator in every case. Having thought-about adult male. Sundin’s age, the character of his injuries, the severity of his symptoms and also the reality they need been in progress for four years with very little improvement, the continued treatments, the psychological, psychological feature and memory issues, and also the guarded prognosis for full recovery, in addition because the authorities, I’m of the read that the acceptable award for non-pecuniary damages is $175,000.